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 Frequently Asked Questions


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 A) Design Questions 

 C) ResinMold® for curves & arches

 B) Custom Questions    

 What is ResinMold® ?

 D) What is Powered wood Overlays

 How do I Order Arches ?


 How do I install ResinMold® ?








 How do I Decorate the face board of a deck ?

 Employ Closed Headers above doors and windows - interior & exterior.

 ArchPolymerTM is the perfect material for the facing of a deck as well. 

 For radius applications ResinMoldTM is made to the curve or arch as required.  



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  ResinMold® QUESTIONS


  C) Custom FAQ

 What is ResinMold®   


 ResinMold®  is made from a synaptic polymer that has memory. 

 There are 1000's of profiles for Straight Lengths, Arches & Curves. 

 It is insect, water and rot resistant - perfect for outside use.

 Arches are made as per the radius - provide the profile and rise & runs




 Watch our YouTube Video on ResinMold®




 <= Click for Material Notes on ResinMold®



  C) Custom FAQ

 How to Order Arches in ResinMold®   


 For Arches: It is made as per the radius of the arch.  Although it is flexible, you should not over bend

 the radius as it will crack over time.  Keeping within the radius it should be applied to a flat even



 print ResinMold Order Form  <= Click for Order Form for ResinMold®
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  C) Custom FAQ

 How do I install ResinMold®   


  Flexible Mouldings follow the indentations or imperfections of the substrata or base because they

 are flexible.  Ensure that the base is clean, plumb, flat and stable before applying.


 Apply with construction adhesive and use a brad nailer (on the sides) to affix.  Fill any indents or

 gaps between the moulding and the base with PolySpackling Compound.


     <= Read our Comprehensive PDF
     <= Click for Filler
     <= Click for Adhesive



  D) Custom FAQ

 What is a Powdered Wood Overlay 


 What is it?

 Powdered Wood overlay is an applied composite material made up of powdered wood and adhesives

 applied usually to an American Poplar as a base


 Wood overlays are not carved - they are applied "goop to wood"


 How can you Finish it?

 a) You can stain powdered wood overlays

 b) You cannot clear coat powdered wood overlays

 c) You can paint powered wood overlays








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